Online Dating Sites: A Comparison

There are now hundreds of dating sites on the web, all vying for your attention, it’s all possible, whether you want a Russian date, or an Asian beauty, or just the girl next door, there is a website for it. Dating website have become so popular that even Wikipedia offers a quick comparison of what the main sites offer.

Dating websites offer a world of possibilities to people that may have a hard time finding just the right person. There’s a website called that contains people who farm looking for like-minded partners. There’s another one called for those looking for long lasting stable relationships. Here are a few of the others for comparison:

Zoosk – is called behavioral dating. They match singles based on behaviors and offer a free basic membership. contains lots of attractive singles and also has a very user-friendly website. The recommended age for Zoosk is anyone over 18 years of age.

Match – has been around since 1995 and as such, has a database of individuals that is among the largest in the industry. Match offers a six month guarantee and also holds singles mixers so you can meet singles in person. The recommended age for is 25 to 55 years of age.

Plenty Of Fish – As mentioned above, is another company with an enormous database of singles looking for singles. They have a very user-friendly website and also a great phone app. Recommended age for this site is anyone over 18 years of age.

Our Time – is the largest database of those over 50 looking for love or just companionship. Our time specializes in connections for the more mature individual who is tired of the usual dating game. Recommended age for Our Time is anyone over 50 years of age.

eHarmony – is for the individual who is looking for marriage, and can actually say they are the number one website for making that connection. Persons who want to join are asked to fill out an in-depth questionnaire, and their database will go out and find your ideal match based on your profile. Recommended age for eHarmony is 25 years of age and up.

Using an online dating site can be a real help for some; there are many people who don’t frequent bars, don’t attend church on a regular basis, and don’t work out at the gym. Online dating sites give these individuals a chance to meet others with similar interests in an easy, stress-free environment.

Online Dating

Online dating is a trending method through which men or women searching for compatible partners come together through the internet with the objective of having a personal or romantic relationship. People make their own profiles, describe themselves and share the qualities they are looking for in a potential partner and thus, try to find the perfect match.

Online relationships or dating offer a huge amount of advantage. One is not confined to the place where he resides. People can search the entire world over the internet and get in touch with people from all over the world. People can see the photographs and also listen to voice messages left by their potential partners and decide accordingly. Some online dating sites also provide personality tests, which help one find a more compatible partner. Online communication is a safe as well as a convenient interaction and also there is no fear of commitment initially. Gradually when we fall deep into a relationship we can take the next step and meet up. Through the internet you can share your intentions beforehand without any fear and hence get the desired partner who has the same set of intentions. Cost effectiveness is also one of the most important benefits of online dating. One does not need to spend money on dining or on any sort of entertainment.

While a person is in an online relationship there are some tips which one should keep in mind. One should make good use of smileys which expresses your current mood. Also one should be patient and deal with situations in a calm manner even if the partner takes some time in replying back. Don’t take all the responses personally at the first instance. Try to understand patiently what the person wants to communicate. One of the most important things is to show a positive approach while talking to strangers if you want the relationship to grow stronger. And last but not the least behave in a responsible manner and give space to each other. Do not feel insecure.

There are great success stories which we have heard regarding partners hooking up online and then settling and leading a happy life. The owners of this website were also lucky enough to meet each other through one of the online dating sites and today they are happily married with two kids. That is what the magic of online dating can do. So give it a chance and see the people going crazy for you around the world.